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Aug 6 2023

Website is going to close in October.  If you want to buy wigs, please find our facebook page : cancanjseries


Thank you.



 Sep 9 2022

Due to the unstable situation (COVID), no order accept and process at the time being until further notice.


16 May 2022

HK to Finland posting services is back to normal at the time beginning.

 11 May 2022

HK to UK posting services is back to normal at the time beginning.


21 Feb 2022

 I am sorry that  posting services is temporarily suspended at the moment from HK to many countries including France, UK.  I will keep updating. Thanks for your kind understanding.





11 Jan 2021

As COVID-19 is going worse worldwide, mailing services are becoming SUPER SLOW again and many countries only accept EMS shipping at the moment.

We here stop accepting any orders except EMS orders until 28 Feb. 




16 April 2020 

Due to 2019-nCov acute respiratory disease, number of flights has decreased a lot and many airmail services are temproary stopped between HK and some countries including USA, Japan etc.  I don't know this situation will last how long and hard to follow up.

Sorry that we won't accept any new orders now until May 31.

Thank your for your kind understanding.





 12 March 2015

For middle Blythe, a silocon cap M may be need if you want the wig to be more fit on her head.


 11 March 2015

Please note that our website (domain) name will change to:



with effective on March 19, 2015

 Jan 2015 

Welcome to our new shopping platform which provides more details and is more stable now. 

For all enquiries / questions, welcome to email us  : jseries2003@gmail.com 


With sincerely thanks for your continuous support! Please keep enjoying your shopping!